Eat and Drink in Bochum

The cuisine of Bochum is the cuisine of The Ruhr. That was a Westphalian cuisine with strong East-Prussian and Rhenish impact. That means good and solid meals with much fat. Eaten was much cabbage, meat of rabbit, goat, pork and sometimes pigeons. The cuisine has changed and is still changing. On one hand, people do not have to labour so hard any more, but, on the other hand, people have more money to spend. Immigrants also brought their own cuisine with them and their food is now a regular part of the region's cuisine. Today there is Turkish, Polish, sometimes Russian and most of all Mediterranean influence.

There are lots of 'Dönerbuden' scattered around town, selling fast food of various kinds for a fairly cheap price. The Ruhr people drink beer. Of course, every restaurant has a wine card, but in pubs and during relaxed getting-together, they prefer beer. All beer in Germany and at the Ruhr as well is brewed according to the German purity law: only water, hop and malt. If you visit Bochum, you should taste one (or more) of the local products!


Badalona Bochum

Badalona – that sounds like the promise of summer and sun! And indeed with its vibrant atmosphere Jens’ bar turns out to be the perfect place to rouse us from hibernation. With its interesting marquetry the bar stands out as a real piece of art.

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Mongo's Bochum

Discover the different tastes of Asia on one evening! Always new again! Always delicious! Either you choose from our different Asian main courses or you decide or you go for our all-you-can-eat buffet-classic “Mongo´s Total”!
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Ratskeller Bochum

There are also discreet pictures on the walls, a red carpet in the middle of the room and the solid wooden tables are beautifully laid. This is a traditional restaurant which appeals to people of all ages. The menu offers local specialities from the Ruhr district and a fabulous selection of wine. At the weekend when the waiters clear the tables at about 10:30 pm, the party's on for the 30 somethings!
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