Golf Clubs in Bochum

Golfing is still an elite sport in Germany. While traditionally not a golfing country, the emergence of German golfer Bernhard Langer, the "Ice Man", in the 1980s placed Germany firmly on the golfing map and since then new courses have been developed around the country. There are now more than 600 golf courses nationwide across all federal states and the number of golfers is fast approaching half a million.

Bochum is famous for popular attractions like Bochumer Golf club. If your vacation away isn’t complete without a round of 18 (or 9) holes, then you’re certain to enjoy Bochum. You can spend your free time at a golf course like the Bochumer Golf Club (Im Mailand 127) to get your necessary golfing fix, as well as some lovely views of the Ruhr Valley.

Bochumer Golf Club

Bochum Golf Club

Harmonically embedded into old river terraces, which were created by the river Ruhr more than 400,000 years ago, the golf course is situated in the "green belt" of the Stiepel district south of Bochum above the Ruhr reservoir of Kemnad. The undulating terrain demands a lot of skills and a good physical condition from golfers.
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Ruhr-Golf GmbH near Bochum

In 2003 the golf course starts its journey where once the coal and steel industry ruled the landscape. In the town, near the Kemnader reservoir, you will find everything that makes the golfer's heart beat faster!
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